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From the desert floor to the highest mountain peak, Arizona’s renowned sunshine ensures that nearly every day is a perfect one for sightseeing, playing golf, horseback riding, or simply relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Generally, peak season in the desert lasts from January through March; shoulder season in the desert lasts from April to May and September through December; and value season is June through August. Peak and value season in mountainous regions are the opposite of the desert areas.

Arizona’s Temperatures

Deserts Mountains
Low High Low High
F°/C° F°/C° F°/C° F°/C°
January 37/3 66/19 21/-6 50/10
February 39/4 69/21 24/-4 54/12
March 42/6 75/24 27/-3 58/14
April 49/9 83/28 34/1 67/19
May 56/13 92/33 40/4 76/24
June 65/18 100/38 47/8 84/29
July 73/23 100/38 57/14 89/32
August 71/22 98/37 55/13 85/28
September 66/19 96/36 48/9 82/27
October 54/12 87/31 37/3 72/22
November 43/6 75/24 27/-3 59/15
December 38/3 67/19 22/-6 51/11


Driving Arizona’s Highways

All parts of Arizona are accessible by federal and state highways. The speed limit on most interstate freeways is 75 miles per hour; it drops to 65 or 55 near metropolitan areas. Unposted state highways have a maximum speed limit of 55 miles per hour.

Arizona law permits a right-turn-on-red. Seat belts are required for adults; children under five must be secured on a child passenger restraint system. Motorcyclists under 18 are required to wear helmets.

Time Zone

Arizona is in the Mountain Standard Time zone. Arizona does notswitch to Daylight Savings Time in the summer, except for the Navajo Nation in the northeast corner of the state.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The main airport serving Arizona, Phoenix, Sky Harbor entertained more than 36 million passengers in 2000 and is served by 21 airlines which provide non-stop service to over a hundred cities in the U.S. and around the world. Sky Harbor operates three passenger terminals. Ten national car rental agencies have service counters in the baggage claims and are in each terminal. In addition, limousine, taxi and shuttle service are available from any terminal.

Grand Canyon National Park

Interested in visiting one of the seven wonders of the world while in Arizona? We are the natural, first stop on your way to tour Arizona’s canyon lands.

40 minutes north of Phoenix, we offer a location far from the business of Phoenix in our remote small town of 4,800 residents. But, of course, with all the conveniences to make your stay comfortable! We have great restaurants, small shops and not-to-be missed galleries and museums.

Leave for the Canyon in the morning and you’ll be there in 5 1/2 hours. Visit this link for all travel related information on the Grand Canyon.


Notable State Designations

Arizona State Flower: Saguaro Blossom

Arizona State Bird: Cactus Wren

Arizona’s Five C’s: Cactus, Climate, Cotton, Cattle, Copper